You may be grateful for being. This is something we all take for granted, but it is through a miracle that you have been made manifest into a physical body. ~Omer Dawson, Let the Power within Free You Completely

By feeling grateful each morning, gradually, you will focus on the present, you respect what you have, you feel satisfied with yourself, you know where you are and this feeling will lead you in the right direction that is fit for you, you feel more happiness, you respect your life and that of others. ~ Ly Nguyen, Waking Up

Without failure, there is no success. Without gratefulness there is no energy left to move forward. ~Byron Pulsifer

Be grateful for everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. Our entire life is a precious gift. ~Dawn Gluskin


If you are interested in the secrets of  "I AM", you could study the I AM DISCOURSES by SAINT GERMAIN

You can also use this website where you can listen and also read the text.


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02 maart 2024

Bilingual (English & Dutch) website of the international visionary social political movement and Party for Love Governance inspired by Saint Germain of The Great White Brotherhood. - Tweetalige website van de Partij voor de Liefde, een politieke beweging en partij voor de Gouden Eeuw van Aquarius

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