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TOPICS: Neither dualistic polarity is real - Making peace a priority in 2016 - How shifting experiences affect your sense of identity - Seeing beyond the normal perceptual apparatus - Seeing beyond the logic of differences - Grappling with what a mystical experience means - Teaching people who are different levels of consciousness - The goal of spiritual teachings - A higher respect of free will - Let go of the desire to be validated - Holding the balance throughout the coming year - Significant achievements in 2015 - Starting Aquarian organizations - The thoughtform for 2016 -


Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, January 1st, 2016


 I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha! I come with great peace on this New Year’s Eve. I come to radiate that peace to all of the people on earth who are able and willing to receive it. You may think that there are not so many ascended master students. You may think that there are not so many Buddhists who have understood the core of my teaching. But I tell you there are, indeed, many more people on earth who are ready and willing to receive the peace of the Buddha than it would appear from a superficial examination. This does not mean that these people know about ascended masters or that they are Buddhists in their outer minds. There are many, many people who have embodied so many times on this earth, and who have been exposed to so many atrocities and so much warfare and conflict, that they are ready for the peace of the Buddha. 


Neither dualistic polarity is real

How many times have we told you that there are two ways to learn on earth? You can learn through higher direction or you can learn through the school of hard knocks. We have explained to you that the duality consciousness always has two opposite polarities, and thus, you will never be at peace as long as you are trapped in duality. You see, once you have experienced the duality consciousness enough times, something begins to happen in your identity body. It may start in the mental body, but it eventually works its way up. You begin to sense that you have so many times been tricked into fighting for one polarity or the other polarity. You have in some lifetimes fought for what appeared to be good; in other lifetimes, you have fought for what appeared to be evil. 

Thus, you begin to sense that none of these polarities are real. You begin to sense the lie, namely that the end of furthering some ultimate cause cannot justify the killing of human beings, nor can it bring the utopia that is promised. You begin to sense that, as there are opposites in the duality consciousness, there must be an opposite to the duality consciousness. The constant struggle and conflict and warfare that is the result of duality must itself have an opposite—that of a peace where there are no opposites, a state of mind with no opposites, a state of being with no opposites, even a realm where there are no opposites. 

There are many, many people on earth who, through the School of Hard Knocks, have arrived at a point where in their higher bodies they have the sense that there must be some higher peace that is not in opposition to unpeace, for it has no opposite. Most of these people would not be able to explain consciously what they know in their higher bodies. Many of them have little conscious recognition of this, yet they can still receive the peace of the Buddha in their identity bodies, many also in their mental bodies, and many in their emotional bodies. 

Making peace a priority in 2016

What I desire you who are the ascended master students to visualize for this coming year of 2016 is that many people will begin to feel the acknowledgement of the peace of the Buddha with their conscious minds also. The peace will begin to flow into their conscious minds. They will acknowledge that there is a “peace that passes understanding” because understanding operates with opposites, with the dualistic opposites that are needed by the analytical, intellectual mind in order to grasp or grapple with a certain issue. 

I desire you to visualize and make the calls that in this year 2016, more and more people will begin to consciously acknowledge that there comes a time where one has to make peace a priority. This can be done not by resolving the conflicts – not by having one side in the conflict win over and eradicate the other – but only by turning away from the consciousness that creates conflict and looking at life through a new state of consciousness, a new perception filter. 

My beloved, you will never resolve the many conflicts you see on earth. There are so many well-meaning people who see, for example, how religion has created conflict. Some of them reason that it is necessary, therefore, to eradicate religion, to awaken people from what they call the superstition of religion, and to get them to instead follow a new approach to life based on rational, logical thinking. 

How shifting experiences affect your sense of identity

My Beloved, I guided this messenger recently to a new insight concerning this, and I wish to share it with you. You may look at the many people on earth who believe in different ideas, thought systems, religions, political ideologies. You may ask yourself: “Why is one person convinced that the Catholic Church is the only road to salvation, while another is absolutely convinced that there is no God and that all religion is folly?” How can two people have opposite opinions about a specific issue, and each of them is completely convinced that their view is the only right one? How is this possible? 

Well, it is possible because human beings do not form their beliefs based on rational or logical thinking, nor do they form them exclusively based on emotions. We have told you that you have four lower bodies. When you form a deeply held belief, such as a religious conviction, it is not just a matter of feeling, not just a matter of intellectual reasoning or believing certain doctrines. It becomes a total experience that involves all of your four lower bodies. When you have such an experience, something shifts in your consciousness. 

You know from yourself that you can have many opinions or even beliefs that are at a more superficial level. These can easily change. You are not feeling threatened if someone questions your opinion about whether you liked this particular flavor of ice cream or that particular flavour of ice cream. These more superficial feelings or thoughts come about because they only touch one of the four lower bodies. But when all of the four lower bodies are involved, something shifts in your identity body. You are now no longer saying, for example, that you believe in certain doctrines of the Catholic Church. You are now saying, “I am a Catholic,” or “I am an atheist.” This is what we might call a shifting experience because it shifts your sense of identity and your thoughts and emotions and actions must follow.

Seeing beyond the normal perceptual apparatus

This total experience is what makes one person believe in one religion or ideology and another deny it. Both are equally convinced, and the reason why they are so convinced is that the experience they have had, their conversion experience, their shifting experience, involved all four lower bodies and, therefore, they cannot see beyond it, they cannot see the weakness of their belief. They cannot see the arguments that speak against it or might even invalidate it. They cannot see it because they are not able to see beyond their four lower bodies, their perception apparatus. 

You may, because you are spiritual students, realize that it is possible for a human being to see beyond its normal perception apparatus. You can have what we have called a mystical or intuitive experience where you experience that there is something beyond your normal state of consciousness, your normal perception. This is the way out of being trapped by your perception, but it is not foolproof. There are many people who have had glimpses of a state beyond their current state of consciousness. They have been open to looking at it. They have allowed the experience to penetrate their four lower bodies until they had one of these awakening, conversion or shifting experiences. 

Many people, for example, have come to a point where they were suddenly awakened to the necessity to accept Christ, and they were now converted to the Christian religion. Other people have had the experience of being awakened to see the fallacy of the outer, Christian religion, and therefore, they have now been converted to an atheist view of life. In many cases, this came about because the people had what you will call an intuitive sense that this new view was right. Many people have a deep sense of reality in connection with such an experience. You feel that it is absolutely real. You can have people who feel that they have experienced the presence of Christ, and it had a total sense of reality. You can have people who felt that they experienced the fallacy of religion, and it gave them the same sense of complete reality. 

Seeing beyond the logic of differences

How is this possible? You might say: “There must be something that is true, and something that is not true. God exists or God does not exist. There cannot be something in between where God both exists and does not exist.” Or rather, so does the Western, linear, analytical mind say. What you do not realize is that the Western mindset has for over 2,000 years now been affected by what you call Aristotelian logic. This is the logic that focuses on differences and says that a thing cannot be true and untrue at the same time. It must be either true or not true. There is nothing in between. 

This is also what you see in the language of computer programs. Something is on or off; there is nothing in between. You may know that there has been a quest for quite a few years to develop a quantum computer, but this quest cannot be completed as long as you think that computers can only be coded with on or off signals. You must find shades in between on and off, as you do indeed find in the quantum world. You see, there is a certain type of logic, a certain type of mindset, that wants all questions to be reduced to something that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no,” but this is not the higher mind of the Christ and the Buddha. 

Grappling with what a mystical experience means

You see, my beloved, we have hinted before that there really is no viewpoint, no religion, no scientific theory, on earth that is absolute, that is absolutely true. This is because words have an inherent limitation that you will never overcome from the unascended state of consciousness. You may have a mystical or an intuitive experience that gives you a deep sense of reality, but the sense of reality is beyond words. Yet after the experience fades, you now have to grapple with what the experience means. 

You will notice that it is very difficult for human beings to simply have an experience without interpreting it through the four levels of the mind. People are so used to, so programmed to, always seek meaning in every experience. It must mean something, and this means that people now begin to interpret the experience through their existing beliefs, and they use the concepts and the words that are already in the four levels of their minds. 

A Christian may have an experience of the presence of Christ. There is reality in the experience, but when the person then interprets what the experience means, the sense of reality is transferred to the person’s beliefs, dogmas, doctrines, and words. Now the person is absolutely convinced that Jesus himself validated his particular brand of fundamentalist Christianity or his particular brand of Buddhism. There are even people who have the sense of reality and now interpret it through a materialistic, atheistic mindset and are equally convinced that this is reality. 

Teaching people who are different levels of consciousness

What we are calling you, who are ascended master students, to do is to begin to transcend this mindset and realize that it is not the goal of the ascended masters, as we have said before, to bring forth an ultimate truth and an ultimate teaching that can stand for all time. We have told you that the path is progressive and goes towards higher and higher states of consciousness. We have told you about the 144 levels of consciousness. I can assure you that when you approach the 144th level of consciousness, your way of looking at the world and your way of using words will be radically different from a person who is below the 48th level of consciousness. It will be so different that you will barely be able to communicate with a person below the 48th level, for that person simply cannot fathom how you see the world and how you use words. 

What we need you to see, as spiritual students, as ascended master students, is that it is not our goal to bring forth an ultimate teaching that will stand for all time. We have told you that, as humankind progresses, the collective consciousness will be raised so that there may be a situation where what is now the lowest state of consciousness allowed on earth will no longer be allowed, and the spectrum of the 144 levels shifts upwards. This, of course, means that we can now give a higher teaching than we could give before, and it means that there may be some teachings that were given way back in the past that have now become obsolete. 

What is, then, the purpose of giving an ascended master teaching? It is to give you an outer tool that your outer mind can grasp and that you can then use to raise your consciousness to the next level up. What we have said between the lines now for some time is that there is nothing, no material condition on earth, that is ultimately real. The earth is an experience machine, a device for giving you certain experiences that help you shift your consciousness upwards. 

Right now, you can look at this planet, and you can look at the 144 levels of consciousness that are possible on this planet, and you can give certain teachings that appeal to a certain spectrum among those 144 levels of consciousness. This means that there is a certain teaching that is designed to appeal to people between the lowest level of consciousness and the 12th level of consciousness. This teaching is not ultimately valid, but you would not be able to explain this to people below the 12th level of consciousness. 

Why is this so? Because these people need to have a certain experience for a certain amount of time and with a certain level of intensity before they have had enough of it and become open to the possibility that there is more. How do they have that experience, how do they have it with intensity? By believing that the teaching that appeals to their level of consciousness is real, is the absolute truth, is the highest possible truth. 

They need to have that sense of reality, which at the lower levels of consciousness they cannot get from within because their intuition isn’t strong enough? They may have an experience where they grasp a certain belief system or are converted to that belief system, but they cannot explain why, so they need the outer teaching, the outer doctrines, and the outer validation. 

The goal of spiritual teachings

As you go towards the higher levels of consciousness, it is essential for you to begin to realize the purpose of spiritual teachings. They are tools for helping you transcend a certain level of consciousness. If you become fixated on the outer words, the outer form, the outer rituals, the outer authority of a teaching, then you will stop your self-transcendence at a certain level, and you cannot go beyond it. As we have said before, we have no desire to see ascended master students take a teaching we have brought forth through progressive revelation and turn it into a closed system, a closed box for their minds. This is the last thing we desire. 

That is why we need you to recognize that the goal of the spiritual path is to continue to transcend your level of consciousness as long as you are in embodiment. You do this by becoming more and more open to having these direct experiences, call them intuitive or mystical experiences, where you shift your state of consciousness upwards. You shift all of your four lower bodies to a higher level. You need to not think that this level that you have reached now is the ultimate level. If you had reached the ultimate level, you would no longer be in a physical body. You would be ascended. 

A higher respect of free will

Therefore, you need to realize that as long as you are in embodiment, your present level of consciousness is a stage. There is a stage beyond it, and you will reach that state beyond, only by being open to an experience that is beyond your present level of consciousness. It is not that your mystical, intuitive experiences that you have had in the past are not valid, but it is that you cannot allow yourself to think that the sense of reality these experiences give you proves that you have reached some ultimate stage. You especially cannot allow yourself to transfer it to an outer teaching, organization or ritual that can only be expressed in words and, therefore, can never be ultimate.

Do you see, my beloved, that what we are calling you to step up to is a higher level of tolerance of the fact that all people have free will and that they have a right to have a certain experience for as long as they need it before they want more? It is not your job to force them. You cannot at your present level of consciousness take a person at the 10th level of consciousness and force your reality upon them because they will never be able to grasp it as reality. They can never look at an ascended master teaching and have an inner sense of reality. They are not able to do it. 

Therefore, you can give them certain ideas that might give them an alternative to what they consciously believe, and these ideas may or may not take root in their consciousness. If you think you have to force them, you are creating an energetic tie, and you do not want to do this with people of a lower state of consciousness. Therefore, you need to free yourself from the desire to have other people validate your beliefs and your teachings or even your experience of reality. 

Let go of the desire to be validated

My beloved, the higher you go on the ladder of the 144 levels of consciousness, the fewer people will be able to grasp your level. Therefore, you cannot expect that the population at large will validate your inner sense of reality or your outer teaching and understanding. The higher you go, the less you need to expect validation from other people. You need to come to a point where you completely let go of the desire to have other people validate your teaching. 

My beloved, this is the only way that you can truly attain Buddhic peace. As long as you have a desire for the world to validate you, you cannot attain Buddhic peace. As we have said in the year of 2015, if you know, if you experience, the presence of an ascended master, why do you need validation from the world? It is an incredible freedom to let go of the desire to be validated. 

We have in this year talked about the cosmic birth trauma. A part of this trauma was that you came with the best of intentions. You came to bring your light, your flame, and you wanted it to be accepted so that people would be helped. But there was also a slight sense of wanting people to validate you, your flame, your purpose for coming to earth. 

 My beloved, those of you who descended in order to help raise the earth, you knew before you came here that the reason why there was a need for you to raise the earth was that people were in a low state of consciousness. When you come with a higher state of consciousness, with a higher portion of light, a higher flame of light, how can you expect people in a lower state of consciousness to validate you? It cannot be done, my beloved, and you need to consciously acknowledge that it cannot be done. 

I am not finding fault or criticizing. I am not saying you were stupid for believing this. It is almost impossible, before you descend to a planet as dense as earth, to anticipate what it will be like once you are in embodiment. The difference is so great that it is impossible to fully anticipate what it will feel like, how you will react when you are down here, and you are brutally rejected, possibly killed and tortured, in your physical body. I am not blaming you, but I am saying you are now at the point, many of you, where you need to recognize that you had an unrealistic expectation of having the world validate you. You still carry this expectation with you, and you, therefore, have a desire for validation from the world. It is time to transcend it, to look at it, to see the unreality of it, how unrealistic it is, and to just let it go—let it go.

You may know that there are parts of the world where they celebrate New Year’s by lighting a paper lantern with a candle, and the hot air makes it rise. There is not that much force in the hot air to raise this lantern, so the slightest holding on to it will prevent it from being airborne. Therefore, I ask you to look at your expectation of having validation in this world as one of these lanterns. Imagine that you light it, and now, you just let it go and see it rise into the air where I, then, will receive it and consume it with my Flame of Peace.

The world needs to understand that words cannot express ultimate truth and that, therefore, it is senseless to fight over which expression of words is the superior one and expresses absolute truth. Scientists and philosophers have debated the limits of human perception. Can you ever know reality? The reality is that you cannot know reality from the state of duality, and you cannot go beyond duality through words but only through experience. That experience cannot, then, afterwards be reduced to or interpreted into words. You may describe that there is something beyond the normal state of consciousness and that there is value in experiencing it, but you cannot describe what it is. It must be experienced. It cannot be understood, my beloved. It cannot be perceived. It can only be experienced. There is a need to ponder the difference between perception and experience.

Holding the balance throughout the coming year

Why do I give you this teaching at this time? Because it ties in with the challenge for this coming year of 2016. You know it will be the year that will be dominated by the initiations of the Fourth Ray. We have often called it the Ray of Purity, and as these energies are released to the world in this coming year, you will indeed see that the energies of purity will bring out impurities everywhere. There will be a greater contrast between purity and impurity, dishonesty, what is hidden, the hidden agendas, the hidden truths from the past, all that was denied or covered over. It will tend to come out in this coming year. 

How will you, as the spiritual students, hold the balance for bringing the planet through this year? You cannot do so if you are pulled into this consciousness that will be a great challenge for the people of wanting to say which form of impurity is the ultimate one, is the right one, is the true one. You need to see that they are all impurities. You need to avoid being attached to any of them and just see that this is all the outplaying of the process whereby people sometimes must take things to an extreme in order to have enough of it and then begin to see that there is more to life than this. 

You cannot allow yourself to be disturbed by people acting out, for example, violence, as you will surely see in this coming year. You need to stay centred in the peace of the Buddha. There is a larger-than-normal potential that all kinds of impurities will come up. Violence is one; warfare, at least on a limited scale; corruption, in all levels of government and in businesses; the money system, how it is being abused; and even impurities at the physical level, such as diseases and pollution. Radioactivity may come to play a certain role in this coming year as one of the ultimate forms of physical pollution and impurity. 

I desire you to stay clear of being pulled into the impurities or even being pulled into the supposed opposite, for do you not see that spiritual purity will magnify, will accelerate? As we have often said, the Fourth Ray is the ray of acceleration. It accelerates both the impurities and the purities of the dualistic consciousness, so that even that which the dualistic consciousness labels as impure will seem to be accelerated. You need to not be deceived by this. You need to see beyond it to the non-dualistic form of purity that has no opposite, as the peace of the Buddha has no opposite. This will be your challenge. It will be your task, and if you pass the initiations, you can hold a great balance for the earth. 

Significant achievements in 2015

I want to congratulate all ascended master students and many other spiritual and New Age people throughout the world who have held a spiritual balance for the world in 2015. Most of the things that I talked about in my New Year’s address last year did not make it into the physical because you were holding this balance. The conferences that this messenger held during the last year played a part, as did Mother Mary’s 500 vigil. We never reached 500 giving this vigil in one day, but there were enough to make a significant difference and hold a significant balance. Of course, this can be accelerated in the coming year by more and more people joining in.

A significant achievement in this past year was the release of Mother Mary’s book about war. This book has an immense role to play in the years to come, for it is, of course, the desire of the Buddha to eradicate war from planet earth so that people may grow up without having to fear war, without having to fear revolutions, upheavals, having their societies or families destroyed. This should quickly become something from the past that could not anymore manifest in the present. It is possible, but it will require many more people to take up this task.

Starting Aquarian organizations

To this end, I would like to point out to you that there are reasons why we have not started a new ascended master organization. There are reasons why this messenger has not set himself up as a guru or leader of an organization. This does not mean that there could not be one or more organizations that have the purpose of spreading, promoting ascended master teachings or even the ideas and principles that we give out in our dictations. There could easily be organizations that are not openly talking about ascended masters but are promoting the general ideas in many areas of society. This may be started as an organization for the purpose of promoting ascended master teachings and the use of decrees and invocations and the knowledge of how free will works and how we of the ascended masters need your authorization in order to use our power on earth, as Mother Mary explains in her book.

You need to understand here that this messenger will not start such an organization, it is not his role. This does not mean that there could not be those among you who have it as part of your Divine plan to start such an organization. I am not, hereby, telling you to do this with the outer mind, but I am telling you to not close off the potential with the outer mind. I am asking you to tune in individually and see whether this is something that you feel an inner calling to be a part of and then take the necessary steps over the Internet to make this a reality. You have already started to some degree, but much more could be done.

I do not wish to tell you through this messenger what to do and how to do it, for there are enough of you that are capable of tuning in, being led by the Spirit directly from within yourselves. This is the only way that a movement in Aquarius can be started and can be sustained. It cannot, in the Aquarian age, be started from above through a centralized authority. I hope you can take our teachings and see that this is no longer a viable way to start organizations.

The thoughtform for 2016

I wish to congratulate you for what you have achieved in 2015. I wish to give you the positive upward impetus to move on, to accelerate, in 2016, for you need to accelerate in order to keep up with Serapis Bey and what he intends to release on this planet. Thus, I wish to give you a thoughtform that can help you with this.

Science only has a superficial understanding of the atom. In fact, what science calls the atom is not really a physical, material thing. Nevertheless, you know that the atom is a construction that has some extension in space. There are some electrons swirling around a core. What I desire to give you is the thoughtform for 2016, and it is that, in the core of every atom, there is a Buddha figure of intense white light. 

You may visualize this on a very local scale as some disease or wound in your body, where you visualize the atoms that make up the cells with this white-fire Buddha at their core. You may visualize it on a larger scale in certain conditions in society. You may visualize it for the entire planet, for you know that everything is made up of atoms. You know that atoms have an extension in space. You know that the Buddha holds space, holds the balance for space on the planet. Therefore, the Buddha is everywhere in space, and thus, also within each atom. 


Thoughtform 2016 medium

Thoughtform 2016


While I have been speaking, I have been charging the atoms that make up planet earth with this Buddhic flame that is not exactly what you would call peace, but it is an aspect of peace, for it will accelerate any condition that is not peace. You may think that peace is calmness, peace is that which is quiet, but do you not realize that all forms of un-peace can only exist in the duality consciousness that is of a lower vibration than the ascended realm? Thus, how do you ultimately create peace? Not by calming down the conflict but accelerating them so they cannot maintain the lower matrix that makes conflict seem inevitable or desirable. How do you bring purity in this coming year? By accelerating the conditions that are both labelled as pure and impure by the dualistic consciousness.

 I AM the ascended master Gautama Buddha, and I AM in the heart of every atom of earth.


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