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We need your help to awaken more people


If you are not yet (fully) awake and wonder what the creator of this and other websites of the ARK Foundation, since 1980 through many projects in Zutphen and since 1999,  also over the Internet  tries to convey to the public, the video documentary below might give you the answers. It summarizes in a clear way what the underlying vision and motivation of my work is.

Briefly, it has always been my goal to stimulate spiritual development, by developing our consciousness, Not only have I tried to do this in a general sense I have always stressed what, to my deepest conviction is the true path, namely the Path of Love.

Although there are many roads that lead to Rome, there is only one road or path that leads us to God's Kingdom, and that Path is shown by all true teachers of mankind.


We ask your help.

Without support it becomes increasingly difficult to continue our work. Sinds1992 I organised my life's work under the Ark Foundation in Zutphen. This has developed into a universal message and vision, which in many ways has been expressed through our Internet projects

Since 1999, I have funded and accomplished this work almost entirely alone. There's more than 18,000 hours of compterwerk involved sofar to give you an idea of the volume of the work. This work is not paid for. That in itself is no problem, but what is a problem is that the remaining costs can hardly be borne by the foundation and that I no longer am able to provide sufficient funds.

In short, we are looking for sponsors!

The ARK Foundation needs financial help.  We therefore ask all who can and want to help us to consider a donation.

You can do this by using the donation button on the website of the ARK Foundation.

For more information, please contact me via  Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or telephone  0575-511368 ( in the Netherlands ) between 19 and 20 hours on Thuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Again in the following video, you will find an outline of the background of my work.

Thanks for your attention and consideration,

Roeland Solcer

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19 september 2021

Nieuwe officiële tweetalige website van de Partij voor de Liefde, een politieke beweging en partij geïnspireerd door de Grote Witte Broederschap. - Dutch website of the political movement and Party for Love Governance inspired by the the Great White Brotherhood.

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